This may be the future of innovation.

assembly jpgThis may be the future of innovation. is a platform where people can bring their idea for a mobile app and people with the skills to build and market the app can collaborate and share the benefits.

‘Startups’ on Assembly are unlike traditional companies. They don’t have investors, shareholders, or even employees. Instead, a global community creates and owns them, together.

Anyone can jump in and help out a startup on Assembly. The entire process is a collaborative effort including its vision, development, design, and marketing.

Everyone shares in the success of the startups they help create. Those involved earn App Coins from others in the community for their work. At the end of each month Assembly pays the bills and splits the proceeds amongst everyone with App Coins.


The reason why I propose that this might be “the future of innovation” is that it exploits the fact that it’s significantly easier to innovate in a small, highly motivated independant team than in a large, mature organisation BUT you don’t first need to build a small multi-skilled team – they are there ready and waiting. If your idea is good enough, they will build it for you.

The key will be how the division of reward for effort using the App Coins works, but it’s brilliant none the less. These platforms will ‘cross the chasm’ when corporations use them to innovate but that will surely come.