Mindset Hack: Perspective is Everything
June 19, 2021

The perspective we take on our lives has a tremendous impact on our mindset. The way we see things can be seen through a positive, bright tint, or a negative, dark tint. It’s up to us.

Is your house dirty or just ‘lived-in’?

Are you poor or unburdened?

Are you unfit, or growing stronger through resistance training?

Do you drive a junk-bucket, or a reliable motor?

The way we choose to describe ourselves and our situations determines so much of the reality we live.

The language we use can either give us control, or deprives us of it, hurls judgment or provides hope. Which will it be? It’s your choice.

The power of perspective is incredible…yet most of the time we cede control by ‘imagining’ how other people perceive us rather than trusting our own perception.

In doing so, we’re letting others determine our identity.

It’s a fast track to misery!

William Shakespeare said: “nothing [is] neither good nor bad but thinking makes it so”.

We can pull a filter over our lives. We can choose a bright one, or a dark one. It’s as simple as that. 

Perspective is everything. So choose it wisely.