My best ideas of 2013

my best ideas of 2013

So, I’m almost up to 100 ideas published on this blog. Here are the ones that I believe are my best ideas in 2013;

Brilliant Idea #44. Care Share. A platform that allows families to make asynchronous agreements with other families to look after members 0f their extended family that live nearby.

Brilliant Idea #42. Idea Creche Service. Think of a Creche situated in an office building of business park or campus, but rather than it being staffed with trained childcare professionals and set-up to look after children, it’s staffed by innovation specialists and is there to help staff develop and ‘grow’ their ideas and innovation capabilities.

Brilliant Idea #68. Facebook ‘Like’ promotion point of sale for retail outlets. A point of sale item (or range of) that encourages shoppers to ‘Like’ the shop’s social media channels by ‘gamifying’ the interaction and giving a reward or prize.

Brilliant Idea #79. Disrupting the coffee stall. So, coffee shops provide a nice relaxing atmosphere with background music, and monetise that experience by selling coffee. This is a mobile coffee stall with a stage for a busker, where the coffee is free and if the audience like the music, they reward the busker.

Brilliant Idea#24. Mobile Drum Machine. It’s a bus or van full of musical equipment that drives to offices or business parks to provide music lessons, stress relief, team building and reward experiences. (

Brilliant Idea #77. Pop-up wind resistant traffic signs. Safety on highways and roads is very important and apparently one of the most dangerous things is moving large temporary signs which, with a little wind or backdraft from a passing lorry can become like an enormous sail. This idea solves that problem.  ()

Brilliant idea #85. Pinetree plugin. A plug-in air freshener that smells like a real Christmas tree

Brilliant Idea #82. Games console clock. A clock that sits on top of popular games consoles to help the player know how much time they have been playing.

BrilliantIdea #45. The coolest garden workspace. A homeoffice space for the garden, but built as a replica of the classic v-dub camper.

Brilliant Idea #84. Schools should mine for Bitcoins. Schools and colleges generally have a large estate of computers which are being under-utilised most of the time. They should mine for bitcoins.

What does anyone else think of my best 10 ideas? Did I miss one?