New head of Tesco invites all 500,000 employees to just email him directly with any ideas

dave tescoPatrick Blower’s take on Dave Lewis stepping into Philip Clarke’s shoes as Tesco’s new chief executive










Dave Lewis, the new CEO of beleaguered British supermarket chain Tesco, started his first official day of work today by messaging every single Tesco employee – all 500,000 of them asking them for any ideas how to improve their declining business.

He suggests employees email him back directly with their suggestions.

Do CEOs still make this mistake?

How on earth will he respond to all those ideas? How won’t he p**s people off if they think he’s ignored them? How will he find the gems from the stones?


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  1. If I was running Sainsbury, I would ensure all my friends, neighbours, and Aunt Sally wrote in lots of ideas, like putting a dog crap catcher outside the Tesco store in Bognor Regis, just to ensure the system clogged up.
    Lewis has been reading but not understanding too many crazy blog posts

    March 29, 2015, 11:10 pm