Brilliant Idea #251. On-Air sign for the home office


Millions of us work principally from home, in a study or bedroom in a shared house.

When my family come home they are normally used to checking whether or not I am on the phone and the door to our study (my children insist I call it the ‘gaming room’) actually has a window in the door so they can look in but increasingly I am talking at my laptop on Skype or GoogleHangouts so even though they can see me, because I’m not holding a phone to my head it’s not clear whether I am engaged in a conference call or not.

Brilliant Idea #251 is an “onair sign”, just like you would see in radio or TV studio that can hang on the door handle. It’s linked via bluetooth to an app on your computer and smartphone that recognises that you are on the phone or a V0IP app like Skype or Google hangouts and lights up so other people in your home know they need to be quite (or not enter the room).

It will be sold through office supplies channels at a relatively low RRP like 9.99.]


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    September 18, 2016, 11:14 pm