Overcoming negative self talk
May 14, 2021

Do you ever find yourself in a negative self-talk loop?

How do you break the cycle and get your positivity back?

Use these tools.

Hold Up The Stop Sign
The moment you start to put yourself down, take notice. Ask questions of the other person in your head and imagine their response as a way to catch these thoughts before they turn into words that hurt.

You’re Not Your Thoughts
The way we think about ourselves really doesn’t have much bearing on who we actually are inside – it just has an effect on how good or bad things feel for us as time goes by.

Contain Your Negativity
Sometimes, when we find ourselves engaging in negative self-talk it helps to contain the damage by only allowing a critical inner voice to criticize certain things. This puts limits on how much negativity can come from that situation.

Set A Time Limit
Sometimes looking at things in the long-term helps you realize that maybe you’re placing too much emphasis on something. Will that thing you’re criticising yourself for now really matter in 5 day / weeks / months from now?

Think Like A Friend
When our inner critic is at its worst, it can sound like a bully. Often we’ll say things to ourselves in our heads that we would never dream of saying to a friend. Why not reverse this and—when you catch yourself being negative in your head—make it an opportunity for some self-care by thinking about how you’d share the same words with someone close who really needs them?

Stop Thoughting
This is the practice of stopping repetitive or critical thoughts as they enter our minds by snapping a rubber band on our wrist when we notice them happening or visualizing an image that symbolizes thinking differently (such as picturing a yellow traffic light).