here's some of the Tools i use that i couldn't do without

I’ve been with Ionos / 1&1 for 15+ years and the service is great and prices are very competitive. I really couldn’t recommend them enough.

Another service I’ve been using for more than decade. It’s one of the best choices out there for email marketing (and in the b2b space… is the ONLY marketing that really works.

I couldn’t survive without Trello. It’s an insane tool for managing projects. I have a Trello board for everything!

If you have a website, you need it to be found, so you need a tool like Semrush.

I’m not a techie, nor am I a designer… fact I have virtually no skills at all! So I always rely on the talents of people on It’s a global marketplace of freelancers.

Another tool I literally couldn’t do without. If you’ve not seen or used it, it’s essentially an online whiteboard. I use it a lot for workshops and just to visualise ideas.

It’s a daft name, I know, but it’s a brilliant tool. It’s essentially a robot that does your LinkedIn marketing outreach for you. It’s invaluable to me.

I absolutely LOVE this tool. It’s a video email. I use it a lot when I do outreach because people are far, far more likely to engage with me when I send them a video message than just a text email. I love it.

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