everything Brilliant Starts with an idea .

If you’re looking for something new in your life or business, it will start with an idea. I’m a business startup and innovation coach based in Emsworth. I mentor people to find and develop those ideas, get great results and create something brilliant.

I'm Mike. I am an innovation, business startup and Mindset coach and entrepreneur based in Emsworth.

Most of my clients seek me out because they’re feeling stuck.

Most are in an OK place, but deep inside they feel stuck – they know that OK isn’t good enough – they’re capable of so much more.

They have the potential to accomplish something extraordinary but can’t easily see the path to make it happen.

If this is you, you’re in the right place.

You’ve found this page, so you’re already ahead, but changing your situation, finding or bringing an idea to life, or indeed changing something about yourself or your life isn’t like changing a lightbulb. It’s not always something you can just DIY.

There are three main reasons why people and businesses get stuck.

Ask yourself:

Are you:

– Feeling stuck, and overwhelmed and not sure what to do next, or

– Sure there’s something else you should be doing, but unsure about what it is, or

– Unconfident that you can stick to the plan and see it through?

This is where coaching comes in.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people and businesses from all sorts of backgrounds and sectors. Each one starts with a first call.

If you’re doing fine but want more out of life then let’s see what you can achieve with the support of a coach.

Join me for a free discovery session either in person or on a call, and let’s talk about what needs to be changed and how.

“Book Your DISCOVERY Session” below, and experience the power of  coaching and the excitement of squeezing more out of life.

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