Struggling to achieve a goal? Try this
June 25, 2021
Struggling to achieve a goal?
I feel your pain. It’s hard.
It’s hard because our brains are wired to expect to see effort easily and quickly rewarded.
But the world doesn’t always work that way (you may have noticed).
Diets are easy when we get that instant and positive feedback when we stand on the scales. They get hard when the scales tell you it didn’t work. Then we give up.
In business, we rarely get that instant feedback, and that’s why people give in and let doubt and fear take over.
How do hack that mindset?
We’re going to feed rather than fight the need for instant feedback by making the goal the PROCESS rather than the outcome.
So, we’re going to find a handful of micro-habits that we can get hooked on because creating / supplanting new habits is much easier that breaking existing habits.
✅ Commit to a set amount of time. If it’s new to you, 3-5 days is fine
✅ Journal in the morning and evening. Clearly set your goals for the day and review them
✅ Find a TED Talks channel on YouTube and watch a video twice a day
✅ Walk / Exercise twice a day
✅ Connect with 5 new people each day