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disruptive innovation

Brilliant illustration of how disruption happens

The whole document is well worth a read, it’s essentially the New York Times’ Innovation Strategy so if you want to know what one looks like, that a look, but this one illustration is a brilliant way of describing how mature industries and organisations are disrupted. The whole document can be found on this link […]

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Disruptive Digital Innovation

Disruptive digital innovation is changing the usual way of doing business in every sector. The only way to compete is to evolve and disrupt. If you don’t, you’ll be disrupted out of business. Disruption isn’t anything new but new research from Forrester suggests that the pace and threat of innovation is increasing rapidly. They suggest […]

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Will this innovation make the conventional camera obsolete?

We’ve long been aware that the mobile phone has been an enormously disruptive force on the digital camera market. Could this new innovation be the final nail in the camera’s coffin? Although the smart phone in our pocket has become a pretty decent camera, it doesn’t do what a conventional camera does because it only […]

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