starts with an idea

It's not how many ideas you have, it's how many you make happen


How to have more ideas. The secret sauce of Innovation.

Here’s the secret sauce: how to┬áhave more ideas. Anyone can have more ideas (and indeed, get more ideas from their friends and colleagues) if you follow these simple steps. If for any reason you can’t see the slideshare slides, here’s the summary of how to have more ideas (in as few words as I can). […]

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Brilliant Idea #45. TV program that creates products from crowd-sourced ideas

Here it is, Brilliant Idea #45, a TV show that crowd-sources ideas and turns them into real products The call to action for the TV viewing members of the public is to offer those ideas, inventions, solutions that they’ve had nagging away away at them for years, but didn’t know what to do with. They […]

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