starts with an idea

It's not how many ideas you have, it's how many you make happen


Creating the right Conditions to stimulte innovation and Creativity in the workplace

I did some work with a new client which offered some fascinating insights into what is required to create the right conditions to stimulate innovation and creativity in the workplace. I had the opportunity to launch the initiative at our new customer’s conference – their top 100 managers were in a luxurious hotel in Scotland […]

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The rise of the co-creation business model

Love it or loathe it, social media has changed how businesses need to interact with their current and future customers. Most organisations now have a facebook page, and the rest are probably thinking about. In reality however what the vast majority have done is to simply create another channel that they need to ‘feed’ – […]

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Brilliant Idea #45. TV program that creates products from crowd-sourced ideas

Here it is, Brilliant Idea #45, a TV show that crowd-sources ideas and turns them into real products The call to action for the TV viewing members of the public is to offer those ideas, inventions, solutions that they’ve had nagging away away at them for years, but didn’t know what to do with. They […]

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Brilliant Idea #6 Head cameras for sports officials

No-one would envy sports referees and officials. They do a very difficult job, under extreme pressure and inevitably mistakes are made which, such is the nature of the media today, is trawled over by pundits and journalists. There is a really simple solution to this, which is to equip them with googleglass style cameras so […]

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