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Creating the right Conditions to stimulte innovation and Creativity in the workplace

I did some work with a new client which offered some fascinating insights into what is required to create the right conditions to stimulate innovation and creativity in the workplace. I had the opportunity to launch the initiative at our new customer’s conference – their top 100 managers were in a luxurious hotel in Scotland […]

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Brilliant Idea #11 Talking Carriage on trains

My local train company is SoutWest trains. Over the last few years they have introduced quiet carriages. The brilliant idea is to also have a carriage where there is an expectation that people have a discussion and debate. The idea was inspired by this article about a train in Sri Lanka called the MohoTrain – […]

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Anne Summers does Open Innovation

Channel 4 here in the UK screened a documentary last week about the sex toy business Anne Summers who launched a campaign to find a diverse group of women to help them come up with ideas for new products. It was a great example of Open Innovation and co-creation process from capturing their needs, to […]

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