[ezcol_2fifth]The 6 way is an Intrapreneurship program. It’s called 6 because it;

6-bullet-pointTakes 6 Challenges

6-bullet-pointFrom 6 Senior Sponsors in a business

6-bullet-point6 teams of roughly 6 intrapreneurs then take a Challenge each and apply Lean Innovation

6-bullet-point6 weeks later they pitch their innovations back to the 6 Sponsors to seek funding to continue the project

There’s two aims; unlocking 6 high value innovations that can deliver significant value whilst embedding entrepreneurial thinking and behaviours in your entrapreneurs.

It’s FAST and FRUGAL innovation: from Challenge to concept in 6 weeks and it’s frugal because we’re not expecting any funding decisions to be made until the pitch day when each team presents their innovation concepts to the Sponsors. It’s a competition, but the focus is on competing for funding rather that each other.

The essence of intrapreneurship is to behave as much like entrepreneurs as possible so the focus is absolutely on creating a sustainable business or product line (rather than a purely academic exercise).