The case for “just getting started” on your brilliant Idea from Stef Lewandowski.

I saw Stef Lewandowski present at an Open Innovation conference in June 2013. He recently published an article where he makes a compelling case for ‘just getting started’ to bring your Brilliant Idea to life.

I certainly think that we can over-think our ideas – and certainty our business ideas. This is a great article that makes the case for recognising that the most important thing isn’t writing it all down, planning it out, and doing things ABOUT the thing, rather than actually DOING the thing itself!

His argument is that if you invest time upfront building something – even if it’s just 10% of what you envision the end solution to be, it will probably allow you to demonstrate 90% of what the idea will be about. The remaining 90% of the time will be refinement, but it will still only add 10% of the perceived “done-ness” of the idea you’re demonstrating. It’s the shlep – the long, hard, graft that’s required to take a product idea to market and get it right.

Well worth reading the full article,