Brilliant Ideas#152 – 163. The Hacked Mars Bar

Mars-barThe Mars Bar was conceived back in 1932. It was named after the son of an American candy maker called Forrest Mars. He rented a factory in Slough, England with a staff of 12 people and began making the bar consisting of nougat, caramel and covered in chocolate.

Since then billions have been eaten around the World.

Brilliant Ideas#152-160 are hacked versions of the Mars Bar. To learn more about idea hacking, click here, but in a nutshell, idea hacking which is when you take something and change it or modify it to either change the utility of the problem or somehow make it better.


Ideas where we take the three components; a nougat base topped with caramel coated in chocolate and Hack them!

Brilliant Idea #152. The inside out Mars Bar. It has a chocolate base, a nougat topping wrapped in a brittle, golden caramel.

Brilliant Idea #153. The “wafer-thin” mars bar. Why should the after eight mint have sole rights after eight?

Ideas where we hack one or more component

Brillaint Idea #154. The Christmas Mars Bar. Hack the nougat base for pastry, the caramel for mince pie filling and wrap it in crispy caramel.

Brilliant Idea #155. The Turkish Delight of mars bars. Replace the caramel with Turkish Delight

Brillaint Idea #156. The mars bar cake. Hack the nougat for chocolate cake sponge. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Brilliant Idea #157. The Fruit mars bar. Hack the nougar with apple and the caramel with grapefuit and cove it with chocolate

Brillaint Idea #158. Mars bar biscuits. Hack the nougar base with a biscuit base, a thin layer of caramel topped with chocolate

Brilliant Idea #159. Luxury Mars liquore chocolates (the Ferroro Roche of Mars Bars)

Ideas where to forget the components, or even that it’s a chocolate bar and focus on how the Mars Bars could disrupt different markets

Brillaint Idea #160. Mars energy gel / bar

Brilliant Idea #161. Mars bar energy water

Brilliant Idea #162. Sports clothing

Brilliant Idea #163. Mars Salad Bar. A lunchpack size salad bar (individual capsules of salad) finishing with a mini mars bar.


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