The Three Eras of the Internet

This is brilliant from Jeremiah Owyang from Altimeter Group who seems to be leading the current thinking about the Collaborative Economy. Here’s the link to a webinar that is a must watch if you are at all interested in the Internet and the role it plays, and will likely play in the global economy.

One of the many compelling propositions in the presentation which sets the scene for the Collaborative Economy is the concept of the 3 Eras of the Internet.

Era 1 he calls the Internet Era. We as consumers were exactly that – we consumed content because the mechanics of creating content were more complex than most of us could handle. The ability to create and publish content was limited, in the main to businesses and brands.

era 1

Here’s where we are now, in the 2nd Era, the Social Media Age. This blog is the living proof of the Social Media age. Without any particular training here I am, sharing my ideas with the World. Social tools like facebook, pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and beyond allows us as individuals the same privileges and access that major corporations have to share ideas and insights and content.

era 2

What’s next? The 3rd Era is what he calls the Collaborative Economy Age. Here we will be using the same ‘social’ technologies to collaborate as we do now, but rather than simply sharing our ideas, we will be sharing goods and services.

era 3

What do we mean by that? There are countless examples in the presentation, but I can give you one, starting with the Hotel business

Era 1 brought us the ability to visit a website run by the hotel chain and book a room on-line. That was ground breaking stuff!

Era 2 disrupted this by allowing us to also choose an intermediate service like TripAdvisor or and not only choose from hundreds of different hotel chains BUT also factor in ‘social’ input in the form of customer reviews, photographs and video that other users had shared

Era 3 is set to disrupt the Hotel business even further by bringing us services like which is one of the shining stars of the Collaborative Economy which essentially turns the ‘crowd’ into the Hotelier. Anyone can rent-out their spare rooms on the Airbnb platform and we as consumers can choose to stay, rather than a hotel chain, in someones home.

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  1. Love the term: collaborative economy. The hotel business is a great example, as it illustrates the concept so clearly – and illustrates the fact that many business simply don’t get it (see exhibitions a the World Travel Market for a case in point…)

    July 24, 2013, 9:25 pm