Those clever Innovators from IKEA are at it again

One of the Innovation Tools I teach is SUBTRACTION – you take a process or value stream and subtract one thing at the time and then ask “if we subtract this, how will we still make money / satisfy our customers? A good example of this is as a warm-up exercise is a restaurant. You start with some simple subtractions like the menus, or the waiters but then get to more challenging things like the food, or the kitchen – or the cooks.

Well those clever innovators at IKEA have done exactly this; they’ve opened a restaurant where you cook your own food – they’ve built a working restaurant but removed the chefs (well…virtually because there are some chefs there to supervise you, but you and your friends and family do all the cooking).

Brilliant. Here’s the link to an article on their website.

You could do this in your business! If you need help or guidance, contact me (