How do you turn £12.45 into a £8k annual saving?

safety tape












Regular readers of this blog will know that I love to champion ideas that are brilliant in their simplicity.

I saw this at one of my clients – it was a finalist in their annual idea competition. The best 6 ideas that came through their idea management process are put forward to win a cash prize.

In  a nutshell, the idea came from a member of staff in their warehouse. They have trucks that whizz up and down the storage isles with an operative who drives and picks stock from the shelves. Every year they expect at least 1 or 2 ‘mishaps’ whereby the driver turns the truck too early and in doing so damages a sensor on the bottom of the truck. Every time this happens it costs £8k in parts and labour let alone the disruption when the truck is out of action.

The idea was to put the safety tape on the floor to give a visual indication to the driver when it’s safe to turn. Since implementing the idea, there hasn’t been a ‘mishap’.