We need a killer NEW idea right? Wrong


“We need the killer innovation right? Something brand new? Something no-one has seen before”?


Well, the new would be great, but it isn’t the only way to do it. Too much effort is wasted looking for that holy grail. In truth, solving an old problem in a new way or even finding an idea that makes an existing idea more compelling is far more important.

Take Harry Potter. It’s essentially a story about an orphan with special powers. Star Wars is essentially a story about an orphan with special powers. Moses, a central character in Christianity, Judaism and Islam was, you guessed it, an orphan with special powers. Stories about orphans with special powers are nothing new.

Facebook didn’t invent social networking, but they have become the undoubted winner.

Apple didn’t invent the touch screen smart phone. They didn’t make the first e-commerce site for mobile apps, but no-one can deny the impact that they had.

Telsa didn’t invent the electric car.

Amazon didn’t invent the online bookstore.

Google didn’t invent the search engine.

Now, there is absolutely a business case for disrupting – for shifting paradigms, but they are few and far between. There is an equally compelling business case to NOT spend time worrying about finding the newest and focus on the customer experience – what makes existing behaviours better and more compelling.

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