Work is one of the most dangerous forms of procrastination
January 6, 2021

One of my favourite quotes: “work is one of the most dangerous forms of procrastination”.

When I read that quote I don’t think about the time checking emails, creating work that didn’t actually need doing or catching-up with colleagues (although I think we’re all guilty of those types of procrastination), I actually think about the people go through their whole career working for someone else, making someone else wealthy or helping someone else achieve their aims.

Work IS the distraction from daring to think, “is this enough for me, or am I missing out on something”?

Working for someone else never made sense to me. That’s why I’ve spent most of my career building businesses.

That’s not to say that I don’t completely ‘get’ that people are afraid to take the first step. I’ve had that difficult conversation with my lovely wife more than once!

Fear is perfectly normal and understandable. I have been in their shoes. Increasingly we see people taking the first step with a side income or side-hustle.

The motivation to earn more AND build something BEFORE you take the leap is very compellingg.

Trust me, when you’re building something in your spare time, before and after work and at the weekends, you certainly learn a lot about productivity!

And there are some brilliant and very achievable side-hustles. 

The first has been around for centuries – property investment (whether that’s ‘flipping’ houses or buy to let).

Then there are loads of digital businesses that are easy to start and need next to no money. You can join any number of Freelancer platforms and sell services such as;

– writing (charging per hour to write for someone else and writing an ebook and selling it online)
– voiceovers (if you have a good voice)
– digital marketing
– (and if you have the skills) programming

Or start affiliate marketing (which is where you recommend someone elses product and earn a commission).

There are tonnes of options. You just need to take the leap. Contact me. I can help.